Angus Lee Forbes

Creative Director -> RØDE




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When I was four. I was asked what I wanted to be? I said ‘a magician’. As it turns out magic isn’t real. 


Later on I wanted to be an inventor. And it turned out physics and chemistry are really hard. 


I was scared to read aloud for my dyslexia made me fumble my words. This made me quite an awkward kid and gave me a healthy dose of fear, for speaking in public.


I was no athlete, being a short, overweight red head kid.


I couldn’t draw. So naturally I began to make films.


Two decades on (Its an old photo), I still make films. I’m no expert. But I’ve learned to trust my gut, stay curious and work with people that are much smarter than myself.


I try to create every day. Some days I succeed, most often than not, I fail. There’s value in failure, if you know where to look. 


If I’m not making films, I’m in the workshop making furniture. I'm drawn to the honesty between a object and its maker.


I won some things... But I don’t think you’d care. I don’t. 


I do care about learning and always making things better. 


When I look back, I realise I’m still trying to be a magician. Make imagination reality.