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RØDE Microphones becomes... RØDE

We know that as a company, the vision of RØDE is so much bigger than what it is today. The design of the brand needed to be scalable to reflect that. This refresh is really about future-proofing the look and voice for what’s ahead.


The new RØDE brand identity, which was crafted by the company’s internal creative team consists of several revised design elements, such as a refined colour palette, a new photography style, website, and some changes to typography and the rules governing things like layout and the orientation of the company’s logo.


RØDE has been re-envisioned for a new era that is both more adventurous and more connected than ever. 

Check it out below.



StyleguideRode-OVERVIEW copy.jpg

The first product to market after RØDE refreshed its brand was the new market adjacency of HEADPHONES. 

30 years of domination in audio capture has built a solid legacy of authority in sound which we leant on to create space in a highly competitive market. The results were incredible, securing RØDE'S biggest launch to date. 


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