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 "Here" – an interactive short film that allows you to look around the University of Sydney in 360° following 5 students through a day at the University. It was made using cutting edge 360° capture technology giving the audience a new type of immersive and interactive experience. The film can be paused at any time to unveil more details about a particular scene; like image galleries, student quotes, articles and videos. On mobile, you simply flip your phone to switch between the two modes.


Music by Marcus Loeber.

Sound mix by SongZu. 

Development and design by the team at The Monkeys


#update 'HERE' wins awards!


Website of the Day - CSS Design Awards

Site of the Day - FWA

Mobile of the Day - FWA
Site of the Day - Awwwards


The Monkeys did an amazing job with the build, here's some examples of the UI and the content intergration.